Recent Q&A on The Epsteen Training Program

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Tyler Kolligian, a  graduate of the Epsteen Training program.  For those that have successfully completed the program it is often described as a real estate boot camp, intensive, demanding and comprehensive. 

What made you choose Epsteen & Associates?

I chose Epsteen & Associates for a number of reasons. The culture of the company, their long standing reputation in the industry, the success of the brokers and their relationships with the biggest names in retail…to name a few. Not only that, but they have an extensive training program that offered the opportunity for me to learn as much as possible and reach by full potential. 


Everyone talks about the intensive two year training program-now that it is over what was the benefit? Difficulties? Funny moments?

The training program is truly unique and beneficial to starting a career in real estate. It’s essentially the equivalent to getting a masters degree in real estate. It’s very difficult and time consuming but the benefits are unparalleled. The main benefit is having personal experience visiting each and every center in our market, to which there are over 3,000. I’d say the most difficult aspect of the training program is the dedication it takes to complete the driving program, and absorb all the information. If it weren’t for the funny moments I had on the road I’m not sure I would have made it through. Nothing beats the numerous people asking me if I was lost or visiting from out of town as I stared blankly at my huge AAA map. 


The 2nd year of the training program you work closely with senior agents-what was that like?

  Year two is geared toward learning the ins and outs of the real estate deal making process. Understanding how to negotiate and communicate with all parties. I partnered up with senior brokers and was able to gain experience as I learned the business.


You are working with some great clients-tell us a little about them.

  I’m currently working with a great line up of Tenants including Great Clips, See’s Candy, GNC, Cricket Wireless, Jamba Juice and Dog Haus. I also have a few other unique concepts and restaurants looking for space, as well as a few Landlords I’m working with.


You work with both tenants and landlords-is the transition between the two difficult? What do you like about representing both?

  There’s a difference and there was a learning curve for me. Ultimately I learned that it’s a benefit to represent both as I learn to understand the needs of both parties involved in the transaction. We’re actively seeking to build out Landlord services as well as our Tenants. 


In a relationship driven business how has technology augmented your ability to represent your clients?

I‘m definitely a believer in the benefits of using technology in real estate. Going digital has made my business much more efficient and convenient for my clients. Technology is changing the way we shop as well as the way we conduct our business as real estate brokers.


Thank you Tyler for taking the time to speak with us on your experiences!