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Mixt Greens - Making a Difference

Mixt Greens - Making a Difference

How are you guys holding up? Here at E&A, we’re always inspired by our clients and @mixt is putting a smile on our face. Currently at Mixt Greens, they have helped feed over 1,600 people in LA, SF and Oakland. And with your help, they can help feed thousands more. Mixt has partnered with local healthcare facilities to help deliver free meals to healthcare workers on the front line. You can help feed 3 healthcare workers or help feed someone a healthy meal. By doing so, not only do you help a healthcare worker but you also help Mixt Greens support their workers. Want to know more and give someone a meal? Go to for more information.

Want to bring a Mixt Greens to a location near you? Contact Lee Ann Fineberg for more information.

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